‘Energy has no beginning and no end. It can never be destroyed’ – Panache Desai

We aim to harness the energy the earth gives us with solar power; conserve the energy we have got with our energy monitoring and power quality assessments; protect from the energy we can’t control with our lightning and surge protection systems; and create beautiful spaces with quality lighting design with the energy we have left.

We are the energy experts. Expert Energy Co.

Lighting Design

We bring beautiful spaces to life on the inside and out, harnessing the beauty of nature- we specialize in garden and tree lighting.

Energy Monitoring

Whether it is keeping track of solar production or determining power quality and circuit demands – we can help with your energy monitoring needs.


Our expert earthing team can assist with anything earthing. From large construction designs and installs to earth grid injection testing and grid commissioning

Lightning Protection

We can help with all things lightning. We install, service and audit multiple different lightning protection systems.


We work with multiple builders in the local area and ensure precision, quality and compliance on all new builds.

Power Factor Correction

A must have for any large supply. With the current electricity prices you will save $1000s with an install. Our experts service and install systems to suit your needs.


We are CEC licensed to install Grid-connect Solar. We can complete a free energy audit to determine your needs and payback period.


We can complete any commercial or industrial installation and maintenance works on time, on budget and on point.

Surge Protection

We specialise in lightning risk assessments and surge protection design and installation. We install and service all brands.

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