From Power Quality and Power Factor Correction, to Lightning Protection and Lighting Design we can help with all things Commercial/Industrial.

We can determine all your energy needs… Do you need solar to offset high usage? Do you need monitoring to determine high demand equipment? Do you need power factor correction to drop your peak demand charge? Do you have equipment sensitive to surge events? Is your building at high risk of lightning strike? We are specialists in saving your business on energy costs.

We are the energy experts. Expert Energy Co.

Lighting Design

Do you operate a Café or Restaurant? We bring beautiful spaces to life on the inside and out, harnessing the beauty of nature- we design and install lighting to suit any area and specialize in landscape and tree lighting. We can also implement lighting automation systems.

Energy Monitoring

Whether it is long term tracking of solar production or short term monitoring to determine power quality and demand requirements we offer multiple remote and conventional monitoring systems.


Our expert team can help with any earthing or bonding projects. We undertake soil resistivity, earth resistance and earth grid injection testing Australia-wide and complete installs throughout the state.

Power Factor Correction

PFC is becoming very important as kVA demand charges rise and become more common in commercial metering. If your business is paying too much for power. Call us for a free assessment.

Air Conditioning

We can help with all things A/C for your office. From large ducted units to small wall split units. We recommend Mitsubishi Electric and Daiken systems.


We are CEC accredited to install Grid-connect Solar for commercial clients. We can complete a free energy audit to determine your sizing requirements and payback period. We also service and clean systems.

Lightning Protection

We are Nvent/Erico Approved installers and auditors of their System 3000 Dynasphere LPS. We also work with engineers in design and installation of conventional LPS. If your building needs a lightning protection audit or risk assessment. Call us today.

General Electrical

We can rewire and add circuits to your commercial switchboard, install metering, install LED factory and office lighting, install and repair hot water systems and answer to any emergency work to keep your business running.

Surge Protection

We specialise in lightning and surge protection. If your business is vulnerable to strikes or network surge events, we can help with surge filtering to protect your assets.

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